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"Österreich" the country where the ski is the national sport


We already announced our destination in our teaser and you might have seen us in tyrolian typical dress, but when we arrived there we discovered the Austra in was way too high for us both.

The Austrian are not kidding with their traditional habits and customs.

Skiing is the national sport, skiing is everywhere and everything turn around this sport.

It’s common to meet an Olympian champion still racing for fun in a local competition.

We were literally in the heart of the Austrian action.


For this winter, we have a new challenge, we want to find the perfect skier…Not that easy!


1m50 of fresh snow forecast in the Arlberg area we can’t expect better to spent 4 days around St Anton and Lech.

For this time, no ski touring in the program because of these conditions…

With such a deep powder, no way to put skins on, way too much snow and way too much danger knowing that there was a high avalanche risk (4/5).

As we didn’t know the place, we had the chance to meet Nina Gigele, a local ski-guide and model the rest of the time (you can imagine that Stefan, our cameraman was satisfied of the casting).

She brought us into the good off-piste spots of her resort, at least what we were able to do because there was a lot of wind, and all the top part were closed.


Austria is also famous for the crazy après-ski bar and party! It’s not allowed to finish a ski day without a beer, a big one ;-)

We tried some really good one, especially the one of the champion “Mario Matt” called the Krazy Kanguru!

The Austrian are very smart, the pre-game start around 16H30 and at 9 you go to bed! Perfect to be in shape for a good skiing day the day after


We spent the last 2 days in Lech, in the Vorarlberg region, a different style of village, one of the swankiest resort of the country; and we were lucky because we had 2 sunny days to finish! The conditions were simply amazing!


To discover this place we had the help of a ski instructor: Ivo, he was also the security manager of the resort and for our last day Nina joined us again.

As Jthe American say, it was awesome!!! Best day ever!

The sun, the fresh snow, nice meetings and happy times…Everything in the skiing country…what more could you ask for?

PS : About our perfect skier's quest, we tried to take-up some challenge in order to find him…so we let you discover that in our first episode. Enjoy!





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- Wilma, the tourim office director.

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