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The shared experience - Part 1

Portillo, Chile: "The Shared Experience"

Leslie Baker-Brown

Blizzard Tecnica US Marketing Manager

I am very excited to be introducing the Blizzard Tecnica Women to Women project. This project started over a year ago with a major commitment from our companies to truly understand what is different about women’s anatomy as it relates to the design of ski equipment, as well as to develop a communication platform that resonates and engages the community of female skiers.

Globally, we’ve held workshops, tested product, put out surveys, and performed scientific on-snow testing to find out what is necessary for women in their equipment to have the best possible on-snow experience. We then challenged our product team to design skis and boots that address these needs.

We also took a trip with 4 of our female athletes to Portillo, Chile this past August in an ongoing effort to gain insights into how they, as accomplished skiers, see the female community of skiers and how we can speak to this community authentically and effectively.  After much talking on the lifts, at the top of the run, at meals and at the bar, we came to a few conclusions that really resonated with all of us.

1. It is more about mindsets, passions and behavior than it is about gender or age.

2. We want to be seen as “skiers and athletes” not “female skiers and female athletes”.

3. We thrive on challenging ourselves and learning from each other. These women are at the top of their game and yet are still learning and looking for new ways to experience the snow and mountains.

4. We love sharing our experiences and knowledge with others – inciting them to challenge themselves to progress   their skiing and learn more everyday.  “The Shared Experience” resonated with all of us.

This is just the beginning of producing products for and creating a community of female skiers who believe in and are proud to be associated with the Blizzard and Tecnica brands.

We invite you to join us on this journey.