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Basic Technique Elements to recall when going skiing

By Angelika Kaufamnn, Skiguide, Coach of the Skiinstructors in Austria, Avalanche blaster, mental conditioning coach and ambassador of our W2W Project.

First off, the most important issue is having fun and try to spend as much time and laps on the mountain. The more time on the hill you can get the better you get!

Second of all, we need to remember that skiing is easier than we thought, it is totally normal to be a little bit scared by the steepness, speed and falling on your bum!
But, I will tell you a secret, the more you lean backwards the harder it is going to be, so, be brave and try to put your weight on your shins especially on a steep hill.

First, back to basics. There are few key elements to keep in mind when attempting to ski, or even better, when we try to teach our kids to ski after they cried all morning to not take ski classes!

To be moveable in every direction and be able to ski down all slopes we try to have an alpine basic position, which means:

•    Skis are slightly apart and parallel
•    The mountain* ski is a bit more in front
•    Ankle, knee and hip are slightly bent
•    Arms and elbows are slightly away and in front of your ribs and hips.
•    We put more weight and pressure on the downhill ski to engage and bend the ski.
•    Make sure that your mountain* shoulder is in front. This will make your upper body be slightly turned and looking down the hill.
•    We try to ski ON our legs, that means the movement out of the legs is the most important part in skiing. If we want to make a new turn, we go up and forward, kind of straightening the knees and then down, bending the knees while we go back to the alpine basic position.
•    We always try to have weight on both feet to be as central as possible but, on a steep part we concentrate on the outside* (downhill) ski, the one who is in charge of leading the following turn.

Have fun trying ;)

Mountain refers to the uphill ski or shoulder, the one closer to the hill.
Outside ski refers to the ski that on the steep hill stays below, the one that is further from the hillside.