Women to Women is a global Blizzard Tecnica initiative with the mission to specifically design authentic women’s products that will take all committed and passionate skiers, regardless of ability, to new levels of confidence, excitement and freedom. We are dedicated to engaging, empowering and educating the women’s skiing community by sharing experiences and celebrating our passion for the sport.

Balancing your family & friends, your work & your play is key in life. Balance is also crucial with your equipment. It is what inspired us throughout the development process to provide the right mix of technology and design, feminine style with the need for performance. Balancing technology with passion and emotion - this is the new direction.

Women are more empowered and want to have a say in their equipment. Performance is as important as aesthetics. Features and benefits are as important as colors and graphics. It’s our mission to specifically design equipment for the most demanding and aggressive skiers as well as those looking to improve. Our goal is to empower women and take them to the next level of excitement, confidence and freedom.

The mountains are where we go to escape - to re-set and to re-connect with our friends, our family, to nature and to ourselves. By delivering products that have advanced, innovative technology, and superior feel and better overall performance we hope to elevate the skiing experience through both the senses and emotions. We want to deliver a sense of freedom that gives each skier the confidence to reach her goals and objectives, and to have fun and be proud of herself.

It takes will and resolve to reach new heights and the next level of experiences. We want to take the element of worrying about your equipment out of the equation and let you focus on your next goal.
We understand the desire to create a new approach and the need for willpower to get it done. The most revolutionary evolution goes through shared choices; it does not impose but proposes, it does not divide but unifies.
Wanting is willing, willing is power, power is women.

Women understand what they want but also have an open mind to new ideas and directions that will improve, elevate and expand their horizons. It is a constant act to balance emotion with reason; performance with style, to find the best solutions that will embrace and satisfy both wants and needs.
This is the idea behind the Women to Women project: to bring women together who share the same passion but come from different lifestyles, to compare ideas about mountain life, colors, trends, and product needs.

Through intensive workshops, athlete summits, product testing and scientific on-snow research, we continuously challenge our product development teams to specifically design and build relevant women’s products addressing those wants and needs.
Through innovative technology and engineering, issues such as warmth, comfort, customization and performance are solved for in the boot collection while the need for lightness, performance and playfulness are addressed in the ski collection.

There is nothing more contagious than a group of women together who share the same passion. In our Focus Groups and Athlete Summits we collaborate on a common cause - to specifically design products that will take female skiers to the next level of excitement, con dence and freedom. We strive to establish a connection and create a community of like-minded passionate sports enthusiasts. This community, this family, aims to continue having an open and on-going dialogue to connect products with passion, performance with style. This is our mission.