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Anne Wangler



Name: Anne Wangler



Profession: Athlete and Europeam Social Media Manager  for Blizzard/ Tecnica

Hobbies: SKIING, traveling, climbing, longboarding, fishing

What is your biggest passion: exploring remote places with my skis and a big backpack

How you got into skiing ("Life Notes”):

My first time on skis was at the age of two. My parents strapped skis to my feet and just pushed me down a hill. For that I’m thankful because by the age of 16 I was racing. As time went by crashing gates gradually became less important, tiring and boring. A few years later I found myself skiing in the backcountry. That´s what my heart beats for.

Why do you ski?

Do you know the feeling when you just can´t stop smiling? Skiing makes me happy. Happier than anything else in this world. 

What the Women to Women project means to you?

I´d love to see more girls out there. More girls who are sharing the same passion and shred together.

I´m psyched that finally there´s a brand who´s goal it is to meet the women´s wants and needs.
To me talking and discussing about progression, future projects, product developement and ideas is super interesting.


…Also I´m tired of the attitude that „women specific“ means weaker, less performing, glitter, pink and flowers.



2017                                        1st                          FWQ***  Silvretta Montafon

2016                                      3rd                         FWQ*** Cortina d´Ampezzo/ITA

2016                                                                     Cover Freeride Testival powered by BMW

2015                                      3rd                         FWQ *** Chandolin

2015                                                                     Cover Skimagazin

2014                                      3rd                         FWQ ** Goldeck

2014                                      4th                         FWQ ** Pitztal Wild Face


Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.