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Barbara Frizzarin



Name: Barbara Frizzarin

Nationality: Italian

Age: 47

Profession: Coach, Ski Instructor 

Hobbies: Ski touring, Mountain Bike, Hiking, Fly Fishing

Passion: Skiing and live the mountain in every aspect, speed, adrenaline fashion wine and food

Life notes/Background: I was lucky enough to grow up in a wonderful place which is Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the Dolomites.

Grew up ski racing, I spend 8 years in the Italian ski team, 5 of them at world cup level mostly downhill and Superg. After this I became ski Instructor, national coach, and since 1996 I work also to form new ski instructors. I was also part of the Italian Demo team for 2 years.

I worked with Volkl Marker International test team for 6 years helping to develope women line. Since Blizzard Tecnica join together I am part of the International test team.

Why I ski: “Because is my passion, my Job, my life. It gives me a feeling of freedom and the opportunity to stay out in the nature.

It is a beautifull sport, for my mind and my body overall, I still love the speed….!”

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