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Camilla Fraschini



Name: Camilla Fraschini
Nationality: Italian
Age: 28
Job title: Buyer at Surefoot
Hobbies: Ski, golf, tennis, yoga, art, shopping
Passion: Love to travel, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures

Life notes:
I grew up in Italy and ski racing brought me to Utah. At Westminster College, in Salt Lake City, I studied finance and then decided to move to NYC. I’m an enthusiast of both the outdoors and city life – love enjoying the most of what each has to offer. After bouncing around between Italy and the US, I am now living in Park City, UT and work as a buyer for Surefoot, a custom specialty ski boot store.
I absolutely love working in the sports industry and being able to enjoy a powder day on a week day is pretty priceless.

Why do I ski?: I ask myself that question many times, especially when I have to wake up super early or when it’s cold out… but the sensations that skiing gives you are inexplicable to non-skiers. The feeling that you get when you’re carving on perfectly groomed snow or enjoying chest deep powder runs is why I ski, and probably it’s something that only skiers understand. On top of this, being outside with friends, good food and surrounded by stunning scenery, makes it even better.   

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