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Ilaria Bonato



Nationality: talian

Age: 34

Profession: Ski instructor, wellbeing specialist for a consulting company and personal trainer.

All kind of outdoor sports, specially skiing, running and hiking. Discovering the world and nature is one of my greatest passion. Backpacking it has been love at first sight, as well as relaxing my mind and body with a yoga session.

What is your biggest passion:
Living life to the fullest, feeling the energy and the power that comes from what excites me and trying to spread this kind of positive mindset.

How you got into skiing ("Life Notes”): 
My parents love skiing so I had my first ski lesson when I was very young. At the beginning, I wasn’t that good and I didn’t really fall in love with skiing, but the next seasons I found some partners in crime (which happened to become my best friends in life) and since then I can’t wait for the training day to enjoy gates, tree-trails and jumps with them.

From skiing and mountain lifestyle I learned to be strong-minded, resilient and tenacious, qualities I found great to gain the goals on my life. I got a degree in Political Science and International Relations in Padua, while getting the ski instructor license. Then I moved to Australia, in Thredbo, where I spent several seasons teaching on the slopes.

Now I work as free-lance instructor in Alta Badia (Dolomites) during the winter and the rest of the year I am a consultant on corporate wellbeing, specialized on designing training path to improve lifestyle and performance of employees.

Why do you ski?  

When I am skiing, I feel alive, strong and healthy. Breathing on the mountains makes my mind free and this is the better way for me to recharge my battery. When I ski, I feel myself in my element; I love the adrenaline rush of going downhill fast. It makes me feel like having wings.

What the Women to Women project means to you: 
Skiing used to be a male dominated sport but I think that a modern approach must include the women point of view, considering their skills, perspectives and needs. Therefore, I am very motivated to give my contribution to this innovative project, focusing on what women want. I’m sure that a community made by girls coming from so many different backgrounds, who shared such a strong passion for the mountains and the snow, will give birth to something really spectacular and unique.

Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.