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Julia Ossovsky



Name: Julia Ossovsky

Nationality: German living in Austria, Innsbruck


Profession: Student of Sport Science

Hobbies: Skiing, Mountain Biking, Climbing

What is your biggest passion?

 My biggest passion is being out in the nature, up the mountain with my friends, having a big smile in my face whether look down an impressive powder run or a challenging downhill trail by bike.

How you got into skiing ("Life Notes”)?

As my parents are both passionate skiers, I stayed on skies as soon as I could walk. My mum taught me the first steps of skiing and my dad brought me into the ski racing, which I did till I was 19 years old. But the most important things my parents taught me is the love and passion to the mountains and nature so I came more and more into skitouring and freeriding.

Why do you ski?

Skiing is pure happiness for me and heals my soul. The combination of being outside in the nature on the mountain combined with the power and speed which brings the sport opens and cleans your mind. I love the challenge and adventures which skiing brings to you as well as the good people and vibes you meet on and off the slopes.

What the Women to Women project means to you?

Women2Woman is a project where you meet other girls who just love the same as you do – skiing. It´s nice to share your passion and work on better and better products together. As well as showing other girls that girls can ride!

Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.