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Keely Kelleher



Nation and Home Resort: USA, Jackson Hole, WY & Big Sky, MT
How long have you been on Blizzard Tecnica: On the team officially since 2012, fun fact my first pair of race skis were Blizzards!
Hobbies outside of skiing: Whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, cooking, traveling, and competitive vacumming.
Favorite Ski Spot: Montana or Wyoming Backcountry

Why do you ski on Blizzard Tecnica? Blizzard Tecnica supports women and girls in skiing like no other company. I am in the business (Keely's Ski Camp for Girls & Women) of getting girls and women out skiing, making it imperative that the companies I work with support women. Each time I click into a pair of Blizzards, or slip into my Tecnica boots I know a team and family of people has created the best gear out there for both women and men.

What makes skiing so special to you? Skiing gives me an incredible connection to nature and to my friends.

Best memory of skiing (why is it the best)? Last year Keely's Camp took 8 girls into the Montana Backcountry for their first backcountry ski yurt experience. Seeing the girls growth and shared connection to their sport through 'earning their turns' will be a very special and rewarding memory for me for a long time.

Website: &
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Other: Keely Kelleher, @keelykelleher @keelyscamp


Career Highlights:
U.S. Ski Team & World Cup Downhiller- 8 Years
2010 National Super G Champion
Rahlves Banzai Tour Winner- Big Mountain Skier Cross
Featured Athlete in 2 Warren Miller Films: Flow State & Ticket to Ride
Featured Athlete in Sweetgrass Productions Night Segment: Valhalla
Founder and Director of Keely's Ski Camp for Girls: The first girls only ski racing, big mountain, backcountry camp in North America
Operates Women's Ski Camps in Portillo, Chile since 2016

Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.