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Leslie Baker Brown



Nationality: USA
Profession: Blizzard Tecnica Marketing Manager since 1988
Hobbies:  Hiking, golf, biking, anything outdoors!
Passion:  I love being active with my family and friends whether skiing, hiking, traveling etc.  The connection you develop with others while doing something you all love is always better and deeper.
Life Notes:  I grew up ski racing, and it has been a major part of my life from the beginning. I competed for Middlebury College where I was a 3X NCAA All-American and an NCAA GS Champion my sophomore year. I then competed for 5 years on the Women’s Pro Ski Circuit before getting married, settling down, raising 2 boys and continuing my love for skiing by coaching in our local race program for 15 years and in a career at the Tecnica Group for the past 28 years! 
Why do I ski? I ski for a number of reasons but primarily because of the friends and connections I’ve made in this sport and industry. Yes, when I am out skiing it is a great personal feeling, where I can just focus on what I am doing and forget all the stresses in life, but the friends I have made in this sport and continue to make are amazing.

The Women to Women project has to be by far my most favorite project I’ve ever been involved with at Blizzard Tecnica. The commitment our company has made, and is continuing to make, as well as the response from the industry have been fantastic. I love working with all these women to learn more and work to make a contribution to make skiing a passion for all women!

Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.