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Luisa Finotti



Luisa Finotti, expert in nutrition and health, has been focusing on this topic for many years with a specific emphasis on nutrition and sports. She participates in sports such as swimming, cross-country skiing, running and cycling at very high levels. She collaborates with many professional athletes and has tons of experience in the development of specific healthy products with companies such as Grandi Molini Italiani, leader in the Italian food market. On a personal level, her daughter is a 16 year old, strong ski racer who is successfully involved in national and international races.



In 1986 Luisa got the medical degree in University of Padova, in 2000 she got the specialization in Nutrition Science at the same Institute.

In 2007 she took her Master in Nutrition and Sport Nutrition  at Camerino University  and finalizrd her studies at University of Roma, “La Sapienza” in a second leve master degree in Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Modulation in 2009-2010.


She worked as a consultant at the nutrition department of the Padova Hospital and now she works at the Med-Center Medica Ferri. 

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