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Mariaelena Rizzieri




Name: Mariaelena Rizzieri

Nationality: Italian

Age: 27

Job title: Tecnica Blizzard WomenToWomen PM

Hobbies: MTB, Running, Wakeboarding, Hiking, Yoga, Cooking, exploring cities and cultures.

Passions: Alpine, freeride and backcountry skiing, being outside, travelling & visiting new countries, learning about new & different cultures, interior design.

Life notes: I grew up ski racing in the Dolomites, climbing the ladder all the way to race some world cup events. After many years in the European Cup circuit and few World Cups, I moved to Denver, Colorado, where I got my Finance and Marketing degree and kept on ski racing thanks to an Athletic Scolarship Throughout my student life I lived in USA, Istanbul and London and I loved all of them. Once my studies were complete I moved back to Italy and started working for L’Orèal Italia in Milano. This experience taught me a lot and I grew professionally but I figured I needed to get back to my roots, closer to the mountains and to the skiing community. Therefore, I looked for a new job and here is when I jumped into this new exciting project and role.  

Women2Women is a Blizzard and Tecnica project dedicated to a whole new collection that focuses on women specific products. Women2Women followed a very precise path in the development process; it started by market analysis and digged/dug into women needs and wants putting together two groups of women in Europe and USA. They gave us clear ideas about what the female market looks for and they followed each step in the product elaboration making sure we were always on the right path. We are aware the products do not reach those ladies by themselves and therefore, once the products were in the pipeline, we switched our focus on building strong marketing and communication plans. We want our products to be the mean by which ladies and girls will have a better on snow experience with more awareness and excitement, more confidence and fun. We want to give the skiing more value, skiing is a great activity, it is a good way for team and family bonding, it is good to your health and self confidence. This project is also about creating a big family, community of female skiers that will share their experience and hopefully share the passion that will take more women closer to this awesome world.

Skiing means so much to me because of my life path and I want to share this, to make sure there will be many more young girls that will have the same benefits from being outside whether carving the hard groomed slope or enjoying a deep powder day.

“Why do I Ski?”: I love skiing because it resets me. Doubts, uncertainties or mental stress sometimes clouds my mind but skiing is my medicine to get back right on track. When I ski I have fun, the blood circulates faster and the fresh air blows away the bad thoughts.

Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.