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Monika Hofer


Name:            Monika Hofer
Nationality:   Austria
Age:                54
Profession:   C.C.O (Chief Care Officer)
                       ( - die feine Manufaktur für reine Naturkosmetik)

my family, gardening, cooking for and with friends, creating healthy organic skincare with fantastic scents, travelling and of course SKIING - preferably with our amazing ski guide Angelika Kaufmann in Lech/Arlberg/Austria

What is your biggest passion:

Thanks to God, my biggest passion is/are our two sons.
How you got into skiing (‚life notes‘): My grandfather and my dad co-founded the ski lift company in Warth/Arlberg. So we spent every weekend and holiday up in the mountains. I made my first steps in Warth and with four, my parents taught me how to ski. I‘ve been in love with this sport ever since and even completed an official, exam-based instructor training.
After a long baby break - I didn‘t really ski for 7 years - I had a great come back because my husband booked a skiguide for us on Saturdays of the winter season. And he still does. How lucky we are with our extra-ordinary guide Angelika Kaufmann. I‘m way over fifty and ski better than ever!

Why do you ski:
It‘s our favourite family sport. Being in the nature - moving in the fresh air and collecting so many precious moments.

What does women to women project mean to you?
I love to share my fascination with others. Blizzard/Technica invests exactly with this focus by creating the women to women group, first in the US, then in Italy and now with us here in Austria. I’m bringing all my enthusiasm and empathy to motivate and reach as many women for this beautiful sport.


Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.