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Monika Schaefer



Name: Monika Schäfer

Nationality: German

Age: 30

Profession: Automotive and mechanical engineer in R&D for driver assistance systems

Hobbies: MTB, Running, Mountaineering, watersports, friends, exploring new places and cultures

What is your biggest passion:

Beeing outside, feeling the power of the mountains, the ocean, and enjoying nature accompanied by friends.

How you got into skiing ("Life Notes”):

Grewing up in the Allgäu surrounded by beautiful mountains it was obvious that I took my first skiing lesson when I was three years old. As a teenager I switched to snowboarding for 2 years, but came back to skiing, because you are way more flexible with skis and I was bored walking all the flat parts in the skiing areas ;).

During university I started working as a skiing instructor in Munich and doing my qualifications at the Deutscher Skilehrerverband DSLV getting a certified skiing instructor.

The skischool I am working for is ran by a mountain guide. So since I started working as a skiing instructor it didn’t take a long time to experience a total new and fascinating way of skiing instead of slopes– freeride skiing and skitouring. That passion drove me to do educations in avalanche safety, guiding and to complete the DAV freeride Guide.

Why do you ski?

I love skiing because I love the mountains, especially snowy mountains, the cold fresh air, the speed, the snow in my face, the silence and nature. It feels like freedom! You can climb uphill and ski down a face you spotted out before! It’s like a big playground out there I can’t get enough! Conditions are always different, you have to concentrate, be focused, but also having fun, smiling and feel the tense falling from you, after you challenged yourself. Being outside in the mountains makes me feel alive and super happy!

What the Women to Women project means to you

Being a part of the Specialized Women’s Ambassador team showed me, that there are such a lot of women, who need to be noticed, because they are each unique.

No matter what age, what skills level, they all do sports because they love to do it!

I am really happy that Blizzard and Tecnica created a way to bring passionated skiing ladies together from all over the world to exchange about their experiences and needs. This is an awesome chance that women products will not be just girly colored, but developed and designed specifically for Women by Women!

Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.