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Monique Potvin



Name:  Monique Potvin

Nationality: American, Living in Garmisch Germany

Age: 53

Profession: PSIA Level 3 Ski Instructor, Mother                

Hobbies: Skiing, Running, and Hiking

What is your biggest Passion:  Skiing, Spending time in the Mountains, or in Nature.

How did you get into skiing: I was born in Aspen, Colorado.  My Father was a Ski Instructor, and owned his Own Ski Shop.  I basically grew up Skiing.  As I got older I took the opportunity to see other resorts and push my limits in skiing. 

Why do you Ski: Skiing is for me is my Happy place.

The place where I feel most free, but also at my strongest.  Each day on skis presents a new

challenge, to overcome and new obstacles to conquer.

I love the feeling of skiing thru untracked powder!!  It is truly magical.  The cold fresh air, the snow blowing up in your face, the floating sensation under my skis.  It is for me FREEDOM from all life’s constraints.

Finally I Love being around other people that ski.  It is so special to be around other people that are passionate about the sport.  I have met the best friends of my life, on my skis.

What the W2W project means to you:

It allows me to be around other Women that are also passionate about the sport.

Through Blizzard - Technica’s willingness to listen to Women’s needs and wants…we can help to influence the next generation of ski equipment designed specifically for Women by Women.  My hope is that it will allow more Women to experience the joy of skiing.

Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.