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Sam Tischendorf



Age :  31
Australian. Previously South African. I now live in Telluride, Colorado. 
 Custom Ski Bootfitter. Australian trained and registered Podiatrist. All things feet and legs. 
When not skiing and snowboarding in and around Telluride, I can be found trail running and hiking in the high country as well as mountain biking. My nose is always in some article or another about feet, legs, biomechanics or travel 
What is your biggest passion
Being outdoors. Exploring nature,  adventuring to new destinations, experiencing unique cultures, challenging my body (and belly) through the process.
I'm also very passionate and involved in many facets of work. I love keeping abreast of new technologies entering into the ski industry. From positional and alignment theories and techniques to plastics and bits of gear. The evolution of running shoes and running gait keeps my synapses firing and wanting more. 
How you got into skiing (life notes)
I'm a late bloomer to the ski industry and the only one in my family who participates. Finishing university I went on my first solo trip overseas to learn to ski. From blurred memories of lessons in Banff, I was hooked. I also learned to snowboard.  
Exploring podiatry and skiing, I came across bootfitting as a profession. I moved to telluride a year after being a podiatrist during the week and being a bootfitter on my weekends. Now also working for Masterfit teaching 'bootfit school'. The finer art of making footbeds, assessing the foot and body mechanics and teaching about women's specific skiing and bootfitting. I'm also now a majority time skier than boarder. I love it. 
Why do you ski
It's the most amazing form of freedom and joy that is so challenging to describe. From deep powder days, feeling your legs burn and your heart explode, to sunshine day's eating a charcuterie board with your best friends waiting for the spring snow to turn to corn on an adventurous ski tour. Quiet days on the hill working on my technique to bumping into customers and skiing together with them. 
What does the W2W project mean to you
It's an affirmation of women's importance in any sport and activity, especially the very masculine dominated ski industry. The recognition that we, as women are unique compared to our male friends for our gear selection. 
The W2W recognizes that it's not love hearts and roses, although don't get 'us' wrong, we love those too. It's strong women, it's adventurous women, it's women with an opinion. It's opening the door for me as a female professional, working with women, to get the voice of women's mechanics heard and addressed. Especially in the boot department. The leaps and bounds this project has taken, strongly supported by the men's Project 165, is inspiring to be involved in. 

Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.