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Uli Alber



Name: Uli Alber

Nationality: Italian & Austrian (born in Southtirol, living in Lech)

Age: 46

Job title: personal sport coach

Hobbies: alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, Pilates, walking my dog family and my dog Tio

Life notes: I learned skiing quite late at the age of 12. While my studies of sports science I got a real passion for skiing. I did the Anwärter and thenI was working as a ski instructor for years.

“Why do I Ski?”: I ski, because I love the speed, the fresh air and the spectacular views from the mountains. As I live on the Arlberg, I can go skiing almost every day and in the early morning there are no people around and this makes me feel free.

I like the women to women project because it's a good exchange with people who have the same passion.



Women understand what they want but also
have an open mind to new ideas and directions that
will improve, elevate and expande their horizons.